What Do You Need To Know About Smartwatches?

A Smartwatch is a wearable device that connects to your smartphone and can be used as an extension of the phone.

In this post, we will explore them and how they work.

How do they connect?

Currently, most smartwatches use BlueTooth to connect to your smartphone. Some newer models are starting to integrate Wi-Fi, but this is rare for now.

Smartwatches have a very low battery life so having them constantly connected is not feasible long term. Once they are disconnected from the phone, say you go out of BlueTooth range, they cannot operate independently and will either simply display the time or shut off completely.

They also rely on the phone’s GPS signal to track data like location and movement. Sometimes you may be able to set it up so that only when you are moving more than 5km/h will it start tracking your activity.

How can I interact with my smartwatch?

Touchscreens are the most popular way to interact with a smartphone, so naturally, this is how you will be interacting with your smartwatch.

Some models have a digital crown on them, similar to what you would find on a traditional watch. This gives you a familiar feel while navigating.

The only physical buttons on a smartwatch currently seem to be for power and resetting. They may also have some fitness-related sensors that can track more specific information about your activity or heart rate etc.

These days, more modern watches tend to get by using voice controls instead of buttons and touchscreens. Apple Watch has Siri built-in which becomes very helpful when you need more than just the basics.

Of course, there may be some specific gesture controls that come with your smartwatch. For instance, the Huawei watch has a knuckle gesture where you push down on it to take a screenshot or turn on the flashlight from your wrist. Some models have fingerprint scanners for added security.

How much do they cost?

The price range of smartwatches varies greatly depending on what kind of functionality you want and the brand. Currently, prices start at around £100/$150 USD going upwards to well over £1000/$1500 USD for luxury versions like Apple Watch.

It is important to keep in mind that since these are relatively new technology, they will most likely get cheaper when newer models come out.

In general, smartwatches are a great way to stay connected and they can definitely help you monitor your activity level. They also look pretty cool these days!

What kind of apps do they use?

Currently, the most popular apps that have seemed to make the jump from smartphones to smartwatches are social media apps like Facebook and Twitter as well as fitness-related ones like Google Fit and Apple’s Health app. A lot of people complain about how buggy a lot of these apps can be on a smaller screen so don’t expect perfection.

Most likely there will be more coming in the future as developers learn how to optimize them better. It is still early days so both phone and watch manufacturers will have to keep in mind the limitations of small screens.

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